Connect >1: Evangelism Campaign Through Groups

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Do you want to lead your Sunday School classes and/or small groups to reach out to new people?

How will you encourage them to invite them to class and class activities? How will you enroll new people? How will you prepare group members to share Jesus with lost friends? Consider using the 3151 Challenge!

What is the 3151 Challenge?

It is an evangelism campaign done through the Sunday School or small group ministry. During the campaign, every group member is encouraged to take the 3151 Challenge:
3 – Pray for three lost friends daily
1 – Learn a Gospel presentation
5 – Invite five people to attend their group
1 – Share the Gospel at least one time

The 3151 Challenge begins with a Soul-winning Commitment Day.

On this day, the pastor asks church members to accept the challenge and complete and return a 3151 Challenge Card. A Connection Card can make inviting friends simple. A 3151 Challenge Tract is provided to assist group members, with helpful suggestions such as: 7 ways to pray for a lost friend; a brief Gospel presentation; and six things that happen in the life of someone when they are invited to a biblical group. The 3151 Pastor’s Guide is available with many helpful suggestions. Also, a Group Leader’s Guide is also available for Sunday School teachers and small group leaders.

A helpful resource to support the 3151 Challenge is a 6-week Bible study from LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life entitled, Unvarnished Truth: Life’s Greatest Story. These sessions are focused on helping class members understand and be able to share about salvation. For more information and/or to order the 6-week study, go to:

What might happen in a church with 100 people who accept the challenge?

That could mean
(1) prayer for 300 lost friends daily,
(2) 100 people learn a Gospel presentation,
(3) 500 people are invited to a Sunday School class/small group, and
(4) 100 people share the Gospel at least once.
Wow! Imagine if 1000 Georgia Baptist churches had 100 persons each accept the challenge?
¥ 300,000 lost friends prayed for daily
¥ 100,000 people learn a Gospel presentation
¥ 500,000 people invited to a Sunday School class and/or small group
¥ 100,000 time the Gospel would be shared.

Will you prayerfully consider leading your church to pursue the 3131 Challenge?

Please click this link for file downloads:

We would like to extend Big Thanks for Bob Mayfield and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma for launching the 3151 Challenge!