Church Hosts

In coastal areas devastated by Hurricane Irma, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board is seeking churches/associations in these areas that are in need and are willing to host/facilitate volunteers desiring to serve in your community.

Mission Georgia Connect seeks to coordinate contact from individuals, church groups, and others to local churches/associations that need help.


As a host church/association, you will base a group of non-credentialed volunteers out of your facility. This will include coordinating/directing them to work in your area, which may include on the church itself, member homes, or within the community. There may be opportunity for the host church to coordinate with a Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief unit (if deployed to the area) or suggest working with your local/county GEMA coordinator.

These are not requirements, but please consider:

  • Are you able to house volunteers by providing sleeping space? Some volunteer groups are willing to serve for multiple days. Although volunteers understand they are responsible of lodging, it may be helpful if the church can provide space in the church.
  • Are you able to feed these volunteers? The volunteers understand they are ultimately responsible for meals, it’s helpful if the host church can provide some meals to support the volunteers working.

The information you provide below will help us in our planning. We will contact you to verify the information. We will work to match you to volunteers that meet your needs. Please be patient, in the case of disaster response, we often must wait until the water recedes, law enforcement opens the counties affected, and the residents have returned. Your patience is one of the greatest attributes you can give, because there is no perfect plan for responding to disasters such as this.

If you prefer, you may contact us at 770-936-5346 to register. Please be prepared to provide the same information as below.

Please provide information that will allow us to coordinate with you. We appreciate your flexibility as coordinate volunteers and opportunities.

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  • (Available rooms for cots/sleeping bags, and facilities)