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 October 13, 2019

Almost 800 million people around the world live with constant hunger, and 1 in 6 in North America are undernourished. Through Global Hunger Relief 100% of your donations go toward hunger needs. Nothing is taken out for administrative or promotional costs. 
Once a year, churches around the US will host a Global Hunger Sunday. We hope to inform and equip church leaders to emphasize this global crisis and lead their congregations to give to meet these critical needs, utilizing the resources on this page.

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Donating to the Fund provides Relief in Georgia

It is important for Georgia Baptists to know that when you give to Global Hunger Relief, a portion of that offering goes to relieve hunger needs in Georgia. In past years, we have seen a great increase in the need in our state. Churches and associations are providing assistance to Georgians through food banks and other means.

The Good Samaritan Ministry in Gainesville, GA, is one example of how gifts of Georgia Baptists benefit people in a tangible way. Read more now in The Christian Index

In 2017 …

In North America, over 14 million meals were provided through projects supported by Global Hunger Relief.

Internationally, over 600,000 people were helped by projects supported through Global Hunger Relief. 


100% of every dollar goes directly to Alleviate Hunger – Help Us Give!

Twenty cents of every dollar is used to support hunger projects in the United States. Eighty cents of every dollar is used for international hunger ministry as well as water well drilling, agricultural education, water purification, and more.


When Southern Baptists observe their annual Global Hunger Sunday the second Sunday in October, they will be called to act out the powerful love of Jesus, who the Bible says was “moved with compassion” for people in desperate need. 

Give now to help those in need in your community, in Georgia, in the US, and around the world.