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The 4 Initiatives…

1. Every Kid Has a Bible
2. Every Kid Knows the Books of the Bible.
3. Every Kid Reads a Book of the Bible during the same year.
4. Every Kid Memorizes at least 10 Bible Verses.


Why is this important?



Lifeway Kids Research

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    Kids in the Word Challenge – A Sunday School Model

    Our Sunday School leadership met earlier this year and discussed the concerns regarding Biblical illiteracy and the need to develop Bible skills in each child. We committed ourselves as Sunday School leaders to lead the charge to engage children with the Bible.

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    Kids in the Word

    In 2012, LifeWay Research surveyed almost 3,000 Protestant churchgoers… The results were staggering—only 19% of them read the Bible daily. [i] In order to reach the next generation and help our kids grow in their faith, we’ve got to be intentional in helping change this trend. As parents and Kids Ministry leaders, we want children […]

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    The Strategy of Kids in the Word

    The biggest predictor of spiritual health as young adults is whether they read the Bible regularly as kids. – LifeWay Research [i] Every Georgia Baptist Church is challenged to join us in an intentional Kids in the Word strategy to address Biblical illiteracy and to develop Bible Skills. Join us in these 4 initiatives to […]

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    No One Disagrees With Me

    I’ve yet to have anyone disagree with me that we need to do a better job at getting kids into God’s Word! We all know that it is important for our kids to be reading, studying and applying the Bible.



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