Kids Groups and Faith Development Staff

Whether you’re a lay leader or the staff member given the responsibility for Kids Groups or Ministry, we are here to help, encourage, and equip you as you minister to kids in your community. Please let us know if we can be of assistance as you develop and carry out your philosophy of Kids’ Ministry.

Tim Smith
Tim Smith
Lead State Missionary
Kids-Adult Groups and Faith Development Specialist
Pastor/Minister of Education/Sunday School Director Discovery & Enlistments
Sunday School Mentoring Coordinator
Pastors, Minister of Education & Sunday School Directors Networking/Events Coordinator
Research & Resource Development and SS/SG Growth Awards & Fastest Growing SS/SG Report
List of Qualified Leader Coordinator
G&FD Statewide Events Coordinator
LifeWay & Field Service Liaison
Associational SS/SG/D’ship Workshops Coordinator

Dr. Tim Smith’s Speaking Calendar

Maria Brannen
Maria Brannen
State Missionary
Children Conference Leader Discovery & Enlistments
Preschool and Children’s Minister Networking
Preschool, Children’s Undated (discipleship/general kid’s ministry) Curriculum Generalist
Children’s and Youth/High School Bible Drill Strategies Coordinator & Multiplier Enlistment/Training Coordinator and resource development
TeamKid Training & Resources
Preschool and Children’s Discipleship Strategies Coordinator & Multiplier Enlistment/Training Coordinator
Family Discipleship
Homeschooling Resources & Referrals


Jenni Carter
Jenni Carter
State Missionary
Preschool Conference Leader Discovery & Enlistments
VBS Strategies Coordinator & Multiplier/Enlistment/Training Coordinator
Preschool, Children & VBS LifeWay Curriculum Generalist
Preschool & Children’s Minister Networking
Preschool/Children’s Ministry Policies & Procedures
Safety & Security
Church Weekday Education & Resources
Special Needs Ministry Resources & Referrals
Summer Strategies for Outreach and Bible Study w/ Children
Kid’s Worship Resources and Referrals


Carla Foster
Carla Foster
State Missionary Support
Children, Youth, High School Bible Drill & Speakers Competition Support
National Bible Drill & Speakers Support
Preschool & Children’s Minister Networking Support
Small Group Strategies/Events
Outreach/Evangelism Strategies through Sunday School/Small Groups
Resource Development & Distribution
Children’s Discipleship Support


Sharon Nowak
Sharon Nowak
State Missionary Support
Vacation Bible School
Sunday School Mentoring
Growing Groups On-Line Training
P/ME/SSD Networking
Gs&FDM Web Page(s) & Social Media
SS/SGs Growth Awards & Fastest Growing SS/SGs Report
Printed Newsletters


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