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Literacy Missions Virtual Conference, October 2, 2021

Welcome to the Literacy Missions Virtual Conference! We’re glad you’re able to join us for this event. The conference took place October 2, 2021 and was a great success.

Here are the recordings for your convenience.

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NOTE: For best viewing of any given video, be sure to use the “full screen” icon located on the bottom right of each.

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Schedule of Sessions

Session One

Relating Well to People of Other Cultures
Speaker: Steve Nolen

Session Two

ESL: Let Each Lesson be a Lovely Learning Experience 
Speaker: Paulette DeHart  // Lesson – Nine Food Groups PDF

Session Three

Schools – A Harvest Field
Speaker: Donna Milner

Session Four

Finding Gospel Conversations
Speaker: Lorna Bius

Session Five

Teaching ESL Online 
Speaker: Nicole Juhan