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To assist you in planning your leadership training events we wanted to make you aware of our list of “Recommended Leaders” our website. These are leaders from across Georgia who we believe are the best of the best and are fully capable of leading conferences as well as consulting with churches.

This is the new and improved format and we hope you find this easier to use. Simply click on one of the age groups below to see a map of Georgia with all those that can help churches within that age grouping.  Click on a dot on the map and you will see the persons’ contact information along with categories of specialization as well.

Adults | Children | General Leaders | Preschool | Youth

This information is provided with their permission and willingness to serve. The church or association that enlists these individual leaders are responsible for all travel expenses and the honorarium to express appreciation to leaders.  If you have questions about these issues, please feel free to contact us.

Our list of “Recommended Leaders” are leaders that we know but you may know of others that could be helpful to other associational leaders in your region and even around Georgia. With their permission please share their contact information with us so we can get to know them and include them on our list of “Recommended Leaders”.

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