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Attend one of our FREE Public Affairs Training Events!

State leaders, including the Governor’s office and legislative bodies, need prayers and positive influence from our churches. Many moral issues that affect our congregations are debated at the Capitol and directly impact our communities.

Hear why it’s important for ministry leaders and congregations to be engaged and why state leaders need your ministry.

The training is designed for Georgia Baptist church staff and lay leaders.

Each event will last from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and include a free lunch.

Choose from one of seven dates and locations. Space is limited due to social distancing standards, so be sure to register today to reserve your spot!

Topics include:

  • Why are We Here?
  • Is There Not a Cause?
  • The Challenge to be Engaged
  • Churches Relating to Today’s Cultural Issues
  • Understanding the Legislative Process
  • Legislator’s Perspective

Speakers include:

  • Thomas Hammond, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board
  • Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board
  • Brad Hughes, Public Affairs Committee Chairman
  • Harrison Smith, Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Representative Kevin Cooke
  • Former Senator Josh McKoon

Choose from one of these dates and locations:

Thursday, September 17:  
Flat Creek Baptist, Fayetteville
Pastor Josh Saefkow
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Monday, September 21:  
FBC Blakley
Pastor Lyle Brackin
Register now!

Tuesday, September 22:  
Morningside Baptist, Valdosta
Pastor Wayne Robertson
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Tuesday, September 29:  
1025 Church, Monroe
Pastor Tommy Fountain
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Tuesday, October 13:  
FBC Woodstock
Pastor Jeremy Morton
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Tuesday, October 20:  
FBC Statesboro
Pastor John Waters
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Tuesday, October 27:  
FBC Perry
Pastor Jamie Powell
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