Prayer and Spiritual Awakening

Prayer Requests

Pray for your State Missionaries – January 2018

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Rick Jenkins
January 16
After serving as an IMB missionary for many years, Rick joined the state missions staff in 2016 as campus minister. He ministers to students at Columbus State University, Andrew College, and LaGrange College. Please pray for Rick as he reaches and disciples students for Christ on these campuses.

Marcus Merritt
January 20
Marcus joined the state missions staff in 2009 as state missionary in Evangelism Ministries. He now serves in the Church-Minister Relations area. As the leader of this ministry, Marcus oversees a myriad of services, including pastor search training, pastoral counseling, interim and deacon ministries, resume services, committee training and consultation, church administration, conflict mediation, a wellness program, and the Barnabas Ministry to hurting ministers. Please remember Marcus as he serves through a ministry so vital to our churches and their staffs.

Frank Nuckolls
January 21
Frank has served as a state missionary for 26 years, and many of these have been in Associational Missions Ministries. He works with 92 associations in our state to develop relationships and create partnerships with associational missionaries. He provides leadership, training, and resources to the associational missionaries and works to equip their areas of ministry. Frank also coordinates the mission partnership between the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and the Appalachian Mountain Ministry. In 2017, this ministry led Georgia Baptists to provide 37,186 Backpacks of Hope for children in Appalachia and Southwest Georgia. Frank also coordinates the Georgia Baptist mission partnership with the Augusta Association of Baptist Churches and Continuing Education ministries. Please pray for Frank and the many vital ministries he oversees.

Bryan Nowak
January 27
Following 22 years of work in the business world as a computer engineer, PC analyst and software developer, Bryan felt called of God to full-time vocational Christian ministry. From 2001 to 2015 he served as state missionary in Research Services but now works in Information Technology. His primary responsibility is to ensure the integrity and operation of church leadership and statistical information in the iGO database. He also assists ministry areas of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to create event registrations and send strategically targeted emails so church staff and lay people can be better aware of workshops, conferences and training events taking place across the state. Secondarily, he helps support the software and hardware utilized by the missionary staff of the GBMB. Please pray that God will provide Bryan with ever-expanding opportunities to serve and glorify Him through technology and to be a bold witness to those whom He places in his daily path.

Franklin Scott
January 27
Franklin serves as campus minister at the University of Georgia, and has been on staff there for 27 years. He and the other campus ministers at UGA reach students through evangelism, missions activities and education, discipleship and leadership development. Franklin requests prayer for the following BCM ministries: Winter Mission trip, Dinner Shows to raise funds for summer missions, the spring break mission trip, BCM’s leadership team, and the New Dawg Team ministry.

Prayer Requests

Pray for your State Missionaries – December 2017

Download the prayer requests here.

Mike Everson
December 2
Mike joined state missions service in 2008 as regional state missionary to the Southeast Georgia area. A former pastor, he now provides a Georgia Baptist Mission Board presence in this region, assisting churches in twenty-six associations in South Georgia. Mike requests prayer for the Southeast Region as he and associational missionaries work through the Peace Making Material for assisting churches in conflict, and as training for interim pastors. He believes this study can have a tremendous impact.

Warren Skinner
December 17
Warren has served state missions for 32 years in Baptist Collegiate Ministries, and is campus minister at Georgia Tech. BCM is the cooperative campus ministry of Southern Baptists and serves as the bridge between local church and campus life. Please pray for the ministry of BCM as staff and students grow together in Christ and reach out to those on campus who don’t yet know Him. Pray for students who are becoming adults. Pray for their hearts and minds, hands and feet. Pray for wisdom and willingness. Pray for their ability to focus and learn and to apply what they learn. As your students leave home for campus life, please connect them with the BCM campus minister on that campus.

Steve Parr
December 18
Dr. Parr has served state missions for 19 years, and is Vice President of Staff Coordination and Development. His role is to provide leadership for all GBMB staff to align around the vision of the Five Smooth Stones, which are Spiritual Renewal, Kingdom Generosity, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Authentic Evangelism. Steve’s functions include staff training, coordination of strategy, leadership of staff meetings, and leadership of the #reachingnextgen initiative focused on helping churches in reaching the next generation. On his birthday, Dr. Parr asks Georgia Baptists to pray for Georgia churches to embrace the vision and engage with the #reachingnextgen movement. Go to to discover more. Please pray that God would pour out His Spirit upon our state and that we would see the next generation reached for Jesus Christ.

Barry Dollar
December 19
Barry serves as state missionary on GBMB’s Media Strategy team. The web has become a daily gathering place for the world and Barry has a unique desire to leverage the emerging opportunities of the web to support Georgia Baptists’ mission of reducing lostness in Georgia. Barry’s request is that God would bless him with His favor, wisdom and guidance. With God’s blessings, Barry will be able to fully implement strategies that advance the Godhonoring work of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

Doug Merck
December 20
Doug has served on the Georgia Baptist Mission Board staff for 15 years as area missionary in the Mountain Area of our state. He provides assistance to churches in the following associations: Hiawassee, New Union, Notla River and White County. Please pray for Doug and his ministry to churches in these areas.

Nathan Byrd
December 24
Nathan is a campus minister, and has served in collegiate ministry for 28 years. He works with students at the University of Georgia, leading them to Christ and encouraging them to grow spiritually and serve others. Nathan asks that we pray for the annual BCM Dinner Theatre, held the last weekend in February. This year over 50 students will be helping to plan, audition, practice, direct, choreograph, perform, and prepare all the food for this event, which raises $10,000 for the state collegiate Summer Missions fund. Nathan’s prayer is that God will be glorified through this endeavor, that ample funds will be raised, and that many students will be able to take their faith to other places as witnesses for Christ next summer.

Alan Folsom
December 26
Alan serves as state missionary in the newly formed Church Administration Ministry area. This ministry equips church leaders in order to comply with applicable laws and biblical mandates. Services and resources are offered in the following areas: compliance and compensation; church governance, polity and structure; personnel and volunteers; facilities, safety and administration. Please pray for Alan and other staff as they work to strengthen our churches.

Randy Mullinax
December 28
Randy rejoined the Georgia Baptist Mission Board staff in 2013, after serving as pastor in Tucson, Arizona. He serves as state missionary in Evangelism Ministries. Please pray for Randy and the Evangelism staff as they work to provide inspiration, instruction, and information to Georgia Baptists for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and bringing people to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mike Ricks
December 30
Mike, who began state missions service last year, ministers through the Student Groups and Faith Development area. He works to help build and foster existing youth ministry networks around the state to strengthen the local church. He serves the local church by providing training and resources that will help them reach the next generation. Finally, he helps lead evangelistic camps and training conferences for students and youth leaders. Among these are the summer SuperWow camps for middle and high school students, the MOVE evangelism conference, MERGE missions camp, and IMPACT discipleship camps. Mike requests prayer that he will be effective in building encouraging networks of youth pastors in the state to help lead a revolution of teens reaching teens with the hope and purpose of Jesus.