Strategic Church Planting 1


We will work with our churches to catalyze a church planting movement that will address the increasing lostness of a rapidly growing state.

Our Staff

Strategic Church Planting 2
Lead Strategist
not yet announced

Dennis Rivera
Dennis Rivera
Statewide Consultant

Yong Nam Suh
Yong Nam Suh
Statewide Consultant

Strategic Church Planting 2
Our remaining consultants have not yet been announced.


Georgia Church Planters

Please pray for and consider partnering with our Church Planters in Georgia. They are organized in six Cluster Groups. Click on any image to download a PDF of the church planters in that area:

Strategic Church Planting 4

Strategic Church Planting 5

Strategic Church Planting 6

Strategic Church Planting 7

Strategic Church Planting 8

Strategic Church Planting 9

Church Start Process

Click here to download a PDF version of the Church Planting Ministry: Church Start Process page.

Contact with Church Planting Ministry

  • To start a file, go to NAMB’s website ( and click on Church Planting, then click on “Plant a Church”.
  • Upon completion of Send Me, the Ministry Assistant compiles a file on the applicant and plant and notifies the responsible Consultant that he should contact the applicant for a pre-orientation consult.


  • The Candidate completes the on-line assessment reports and then attends the Assessment Event.
  • Once the candidate passes assessment, he will be scheduled for the Church Planting School.

Financial Assistance

Start-up Funds
  • The Church Planter can request start-up funds (up to $5000.00) by contacting his Consultant. A detailed description of the use/purpose of start-up funds should accompany the request.
  • The Consultant calls or emails the Ministry assistant (Lana Melton) requesting that the voucher be prepared and submitted.
  • The Specialist is responsible for approving all start-up-fund requests.
  • When approved, start-up fund requests will be sent to the business office for processing.
  • Start-up fund checks will be mailed from the CPM office.
Church Planter Assistance (CPA)

You must apply for financial support by calling or emailing your CPM consultant: Dennis Rivera, or Ben Lang,

All church plants receiving financial support are expected to give a minimum of 10% to worldwide missions as follows:

  • Cooperative Program (6%)
  • Church Planting Fund (1%)
  • Association (2-3%)
  • Other

Two categories of financial support:

1) Start-up funds (up to $5000.00) Request these funds with your consultant by email with a detailed explanation of how these funds will be spent. Start-up funds also require your completing a “Start-up Grant Acceptance Form.”

2) Church Planter Assistance ($400-$1,000 per month for 12 months, not to exceed $24,000.00). CPA can be requested for two to four 12-month periods. Each 12-month period requires its own separate application process. All CPA requests require a signed endorsement from the local Association and a sponsoring Georgia Baptist Mission Board church. CPA requests must be approved by the Administration Committee of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board Executive Committee.

The following information must be included with the CPA application:

  • A geographic map of the church target area,
  • Demographic information of the church target area (call Tom Crites with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to request the demographic information, 770-455-0404),
  • A copy of the church plant budget,
  • A letter from the sponsoring church pastor or associational missionary stating why this work is important to the particular community or area,
  • Written 5-year plans for stewardship and missions. For the stewardship plan, answer the question, “How will you teach and promote biblical stewardship over the next five years in your church plant?”   For the missions plan, answer the question, “How will you teach and promote Great Commission and Acts 1:8 missions and missions giving through the Cooperative program of the Southern Baptist Convention?

This package also includes three additional documents for your assistance and/or information:

  • Georgia New Hire Reporting Form
  • Employee Eligibility Verification
  • The Mission/Church Assistance Fund

All financial support requires the Church Planter to complete a quarterly progress report. Lana Melton, in the CPM office will assist the Church Planter in beginning this reporting process. Support checks will be held until quarterly reports have been submitted.

Church Planting Resources

Demographic Profile
Everything you need for Demographic Profiles.

Downloadable PDF Documents

1. Church Pastoral Assistance Application
2. Start-up Grant Acceptance Worksheet
3. Guidestone Missions Church Assistance Fund Brochure
4. Guidestone Missions Church Assistance Fund Application
5. Georgia New Hire Reporting Form
6. I-9 Form Employment Eligibility Verification

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