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Each of our Learning Communities gathers differently. Monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly, you will join together in small groups online or in-person. These meetings are intentional with a leader and topics ready to discuss as well as group input of emerging issues to address. Pastor or discipleship leader, if you are looking for memorable fellowship, honest conversation, skill development, and professional conversation, join a learning community, and let’s elevate discipleship in our local churches together!

Learning communities exist to…

  1. Sharpen, encourage, and resource one another personally and professionally
  2. Collect and discuss best practices
  3. Finish the task of leading our family and ministry well

We also encourage church leaders to consider joining a Learning Community.  These consistent local gatherings of leaders are the relational pipeline by which the discipleship team celebrates the pastors’ biggest wins, resources their greatest needs, and generally feels the pulse of what’s happening in the field.

It was so refreshing to have an honest and transparent conversation about our church. I look forward to working through the Watershed Principle in a Learning Community to apply best practices for disciple making in our church!

– Matthew Jones, PastorMount Lebanon Baptist ChurchSuches

For many, participating in a Learning Community will be a game changer. Consistent engagement with this group will encourage leaders personally and professionally as well as provide an opportunity to hear best practices from across the nation. This is the best next step for you as a local church leader to grow as a disciple of Jesus and create a healthy disciple-making church. There are 40 Learning Communities established throughout the state.

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