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We join pastors, worship, and music ministry leaders to educate, demonstrate, and evaluate scriptural best practices of worship in their churches.

We exist for worship, so creating a culture that strengthens, enhances, and encourages the praise and proclamation ministries of local churches is essential. Music is a powerful tool for worship and can be used as a unique opportunity to lead people into the presence of God. When done well, music can create an atmosphere of reverence and awe, and can help people to connect with God on a deeper level.

We partner with leaders to help them make worship an integral part of their church's ministry that allows their church members to connect with God and grow spiritually.

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Rhon Carter

Worship & Music Catalyst


Lee Chitwood

Worship & Music, West Central Region


Scott Eaton

Northwest Region Worship & Music

Zak McQueen

Worship & Music, Southeast Region

Chandler Wright

Worship & Music, Southwest Region


Chad Todd

Worship & Music Consultant

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Jubal Ministries

Two choral groups, each with over 200 vocal members and instrumental accompaniment.

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Find various music ministry vendors and resources which may be helpful for your church.

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