10 Key Steps to an Unforgettable Easter Service

By Steve Foster

Easter is a unique opportunity for churches, as it draws both the regular congregation and occasional visitors. Making a lasting impression is crucial. This guide will help you strategize for a memorable Easter Sunday.

Here are 10 strategic steps: 

  1. Strategic Planning: Form an Easter leadership team and brainstorm innovative ideas for a standout service. Think big! Think through how you can have the greatest Easter Sunday in the history of your church.
  1. First Impressions Matter: Evaluate and enhance the arrival experience for attendees. What do want people to see and experience when they arrive on campus and walk into your building?
  1. Vision Setting: Define success for Easter and set achievable targets. What would you consider your wins?
  1. Greeter Training: Start or expand your greeting team. Equip them to engage, starting from the parking lot. Make sure they are ready to point and/or escort people in the direction of coffee, children area, worship center, restrooms, etc. Have greeters at every door. Have neck lanyards that clearly identify greeters with the words: “May I help you?”
  1. Information Center: Guests need a place that is clearly marked to ask questions and pick up any information.
  1. Effective Announcements: Prioritize and streamline communication to share key church information with guests.
  1. Usher Readiness: Train ushers in hospitality and assistance, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.
  1. Campus Checklist: Ensure the church campus is pristine and well-maintained, with contingencies for weather changes. Here’s a starter list: Is the campus litter free? Are restrooms clean and stocked? Does any landscaping need to be done? Is a team in place to oversee the coffee/refreshment area? If rain is in the forecast, are umbrellas available for parking lot greeters to assist people? Is visible security needed to give guests a feeling of safety?
  1. Prayer Team Engagement: Dedicate a team to pray for all facets of the service and its attendees.
  1. Follow-Up Strategy: Develop a team that is equipped with a systematic approach to maintain contact with all guests and members who haven’t been consistent in their church attendance. Think through the effectiveness of a personal visit, text, call, email, or post card. This team will develop a timeline for effective follow-up. Keep the timeline short as possible.


Post-Easter, gather your leadership for a debrief to reflect on what worked well and what can be improved, setting the stage for an even more impactful service next year.

 Take Action:

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Published January 25, 2024