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5G Coverage: Using an Online Presence to Reach Lost People

Every church has been forced, amid COVID-19, to establish an online presence. Churches have been encouraged by the increased exposure they have been getting by being online. Post corona, churches should never give up their online presence. In fact, churches should enhance and expand their online presence to not only minister to their members, but also reach the lost in their community in this changing world.

Here are some steps designed to help churches use their online ministry to reach the lost. Here are five G’s to make sure you can do this as effectively as possible.

Gather a team.

This opportunity is so important that it’s worth giving a tech savvy staff member responsibility in this area, or hire someone who can be your online pastor. If hiring is an impossibility, recruit an executive volunteer you can train to perform online ministry duties and develop a team that will put the work in to get it done. You must have a team if you are going to be able to accomplish what it will take to be effective. Find people who have some tech abilities, many of your youth could do this, but also recruit people who have administrative skills and some with evangelistic hearts.

Get better.

No matter where you are with your online presence, commit to get better every week. There are multiple resources to help you get better technically. You can also watch other services to see how others are improving and how they are engaging people with their online presence. Use texting to give people an opportunity to respond to the message. Now is the time to spend a little money, if you have it, to increase your capabilities. Commit to constant improving in quality and content.

Gain exposure.

Get your church’s name out there online. Use targeted advertising through Facebook, or get an app for your church that people can get freely. Get your people sharing your messages and presence. Every member can share.

Give your people the plan.

Every member can be a part of this ministry. Click here for a plan to share with your congregants. This plan includes options for focusing on your Sunday morning experience for your online presence. It also offers suggestions on when to replay the service and touch points during the week. Having a plan gives you the option of including your members in a very structured manner that should be easy to follow.

Go with the plan.

Unleash your people on the Internet!

  • Every week people can invite friends to watch the service.
  • Every week your people can post a short follow up video from the sermon
  • Every member can share their testimony through their social media or other platforms
  • Regularly guide members to share a spiritual thought (written or video) on their social media
  • Train members on developing, advertising, and starting their monthly neighborhood zoom meeting (these zoom meetings can lead to other interactions like cookouts, etc.)
  • Schedule felt need studies
  • Online ministry team follows up with guests and decisions
  • Develop bridge from online only participation to a gathered member

There are hundreds of ideas that could be implemented to get the message to the lost in your community and beyond. Discover the amazing reach of the Internet for your church.

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Published May 14, 2020