ABC’s of Gambling Harms by John Kindt

By Mike Griffin

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Why should you care about the expansion of gambling in Georgia?

Our detailed report by Prof. John Kindt, based on extensive studies from Emory, Mercer, and the University of Georgia, uncovers the alarming impacts of gambling on our communities. This eye-opening document outlines the economic, social, and personal tolls associated with gambling addiction, including:

– Addictions: Learn how gambling is now classified alongside opioid addictions and its devastating effects on various demographics.
– Bankruptcies & Lost Jobs: Understand the financial drain and job losses gambling brings to our economy.
– Crime: Explore how gambling facilities contribute to increased crime rates and severe criminal activities.
– Targeting Children: See the disturbing trends of online gambling apps targeting minors.
– Sex Trafficking & Prostitution: Grasp the link between gambling losses and the rise in human trafficking.
– Suicides: Read about the tragic increase in suicide attempts among addicted gamblers.
– Socio-Economic Costs: Discover the significant taxpayer burdens and government expenses caused by gambling.

Why Download This Report?

– Protect Your Community: Be informed about the risks and advocate for safer, healthier neighborhoods.
– Stay Informed: Gain access to meticulously researched data and expert analysis.
– Make a Difference: Equip yourself with knowledge to influence policy and community decisions.

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Published May 31, 2024