Gambling Awareness 2024

Mike Griffin Statement Video Posted January 17, 2024

For nearly a decade, Georgia General Assembly has been dealing with the issue of expanding gambling in Georgia.

Every year the proposed legislation has failed to pass out of the House and the Senate.

This year, it is once again being discussed the Capitol.

Once again, we could hear a familiar argument – Just let the people decide

However, the people in one way have already “decided.”

When the people voted for their legislator, they were deciding on who best represented their views and how those views would be applied at the state Capitol.

There is also the possibility, that there will be an attempt again this year to go through the Georgia Lottery to legalize sports gambling. This means legislation would only be required to have a majority vote in both chambers, rather than two thirds majority with a constitutional amendment.

Citizens have a level of trust in the Georgia General Assembly that their legislators would not allow a constitutional ballot initiative to be brought before the people if it is something that could harm the state.

We are asking each Georgia Baptist Church to observe a Gambling Awareness Sunday in February, so that our congregations can be informed on the detriment of gambling expansion in our state.

We are providing resources such as a video, sermon notes, a Bible Study, gambling stats and a bulletin insert. Links to those resources are on this page.

The facts are clear that gambling expansion through devices like sports betting, horse racing and casinos would cause an uptick in addictions, bankruptcies, lost jobs, crime, children at risk, sex trafficking, suicide, and person and government economic issues.

This means when it comes to getting out the real devastating facts about gambling expansion will be overridden with placebos on how well it’s going to benefit the state overall. It is important that we equip our congregations NOW! See our recent GBC Sports Gambling Resolution.

Please know that I am available to come and speak to your church on these ethical issues as well.


John Kindt’s ABC’s of Gambling Harms

Bulletin Insert PDF

Bulletin Insert IMAGE FILE

Sermon Notes: 10 Reasons Why a Christian Should Not Gamble

Bible Study (Leader Guide)

Bible Study (Pupil)

Gambling Info Sheet: Addictions, Bankruptcies, Crime, Sex-Trafficking & Suicides

Gambling Info Sheet: The Negative Impact of Putting Gambling on the Ballot in Georgia

Gambling Info Sheet: Gambling Expansion – The People Have Already Decided

Gambling Info Sheet: There Are No Good Reasons To Legalize Sports Gambling

Published January 17, 2024