7 Thoughtful Questions to Ask about your Preschool Ministry

They Are Precious In His Sight

One Sunday we took our preschool-aged grandchild to church with us.  While she and her family are very active in their church, her younger brother needed to stay home and this prevented their family from being at their church. But rather than MaCayla missing church altogether, we all decided she could go to church with us.  Of course, we were delighted. 

As we entered the church building, several people stopped to speak to her and shake her hand. As we approached the preschool area she was warmly greeted and we were assisted with getting her checked in and making sure we were the only ones that could pick her up afterward.  Once we made it to her room the teacher invited her in and introduced her to the other children in her class and helped her get involved with some of the Bible learning activities. 

When it was time to pick her up, we presented our label that matched hers and the teacher shared some of the Bible truths that they learned.  Over lunch, MaCayla told us what a great time she had and even told us some of the other children’s names. 

I’m very happy to be a member of a church that values preschoolers and understands the importance of a strong Preschool and Children’s Ministry.  I knew that MaCayla was safe because of our safety policies.  I knew that MaCayla was learning about God’s love in an age-appropriate way because of the Bible-learning activities I saw when I took her to class.  MaCayla felt welcomed because of how she was greeted. The preschool hall is bright, clean, and cheery so MaCayla knew this would be a fun experience. 

Ask the Following Questions

  • When a new family arrives are they greeted warmly? 
  • Are there helpers to assist young families to navigate unfamiliar hallways and check-in systems? 
  • Do young families know that their preschooler will be safe and secure? 
  • Is the preschool area clean? 
  • Does it smell good? 
  • Is it inviting to a young child? 
  • And while the preschooler is at your church will they be loved, cared for, and learn about God in an age-appropriate manner? 

Children are important to Jesus, and they should be important to your church. 

If we can help you and your church assess your ministry to preschoolers and their families, please let us know. We are happy to walk through your buildings to offer suggestions about how to make it more family friendly as well as to offer resources that can help you know how to upgrade your space.  You can email me at jcarter@gabaptist.org to find out our latest training events or to set up a consultation.  As the song says, “They are precious in His sight.”

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Published May 12, 2020