signs of a normal christian

4 Signs You’re a Normal Christian

What does it mean to be a normal Christian?

Lamar LaGrone was surprisingly and miraculously saved out of a lifestyle filled with the world’s vices. When Lamar was saved, he immediately began to share with everyone who would listen about the difference Christ made in his life and how they also could be saved. It was amazing to see, and God was using him in a mighty way. The church was excited to see how God was using Lamar, but most saw this passion for sharing the gospel as something that was not normal for the regular Christian. Finally, one of the deacons went to Lamar and told him that he was excited to see him sharing the gospel so boldly, but one day he would calm down and “be like the rest of us.” The deacon saw himself as a normal Christian, and one day Lamar would join him after he settled down.

The Apostle Paul was sent by God to be a witness to the Gentile world. His story is an amazing testimony to the transforming power of the gospel in his life, and throughout the Roman Empire. Paul shared courageously all over, no matter the price he had to pay. Most Christians would consider Paul an amazing servant of God, but not a normal Christian. Christians today consider the life of Paul and can’t fathom ever living anywhere close to his level of gospel witness. Modern Christians see themselves as normal and the Apostle Paul as something way beyond normal.

Paul would disagree.

He was the “chief of sinners.” God had called him to be a light to the Gentiles and he was simply doing what God had called him to do. Paul would be shocked to find the vast majority of Christians in our world today never share their faith and have never seen someone come to know Christ because of their witness. Paul would consider himself to be an example of the normal Christian life.

Paul is sharing about his life and ministry in 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 and gives some traits of what a normal Christian life should be.

For the normal Christian:

  • The love of Christ should consume them. In other words, it should drive everything they do in this life so I no longer live for myself but Jesus (v. 14-15)
  • They see people the way Jesus does, beyond the surface to the heart. They ask the question constantly, “Do they know Jesus or not.” (v.16)
  • They understand their calling. Christians are made new creations so they can share in the ministry of reconciliation.  (v. 17-19)
  • They passionately share the Good News. Ambassadors share the message of their King wherever they go. (v.20-21)

Normal Christians spend their life on behalf of the Kingdom and getting the Kingdom message to everyone they can. Churches need more normal Christians from the Apostle Paul’s perspective.

Lord Jesus, I am an ambassador for you. Let your love compel me in everything I do. Let me see everyone I come in contact with today the way you do. Let me live with the calling of reconciliation at the forefront of my mind and let me share the great news of the gospel every opportunity I get. Amen.

Pray this prayer daily and see the Lord transform you into a normal Christian!

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Published December 8, 2020