vbs and covid-19

VBS and COVID-19: If, How, and Why?

I receive phone calls daily with questions about Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year. There’s so much uncertainty about how much longer we will need to shelter in place. There’s also uncertainty about whether or not parents will want to send their children where hundreds of others will be after our restrictions have been lifted. Pastors and leaders are also concerned because spring is prime time for us to make preparations for VBS. 

I’d like to help redirect these questions a little bit. The correct question isn’t “Will we have VBS?” but rather “How do we make sure we have VBS?”  At this time I suggest several options:

Select an alternative date in case there are still restrictions for large gatherings.

The Shelter-in-Place order for Georgia will last through April 30, but we know that we can still meet while practicing certain requirements. Check this post for more information. Of course, stay aware of restrictions as they may change day to day.

Consider having several backyard events in church members’ yards.

You can find a few volunteers willing to host children in their yards. There are a number of ways you can divide the groups (i.e. age). You can still follow the social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Plan to have virtual VBS.

Prepare packets for parents to pick up and offer online VBS. We have had a lot of resources come out about recording video or even doing live streams. You can find these on this page: https://gabaptist.org/covid19. Of course, if you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Watch this video for ideas to make these options come to life as well as some ways you can plan and prepare during this time. There are also some great ways to have the event on a tight budget.  

Maybe you’re asking why is it so important that we have VBS. 

The best and most solid reason is that thousands and thousands of people make salvation decisions each year during VBS! It can’t overestimate the impact the events can have. Boys, girls, and entire families need to know that we only have one strong foundation – Jesus! Let’s don’t miss this opportunity to share the gospel this summer.

VBS leaders are the most creative people on the planet.  If you can turn your Worship Center into a jungle, a clubhouse, or even an amusement park, you can make VBS 2020 happen in your church and in your community.  I can’t wait to hear how you reach your community this summer.

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Published April 15, 2020