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REELFest Worship Weekend

The Georgia Baptist Worship and Music winter event brings together students from 6th grade to college age, providing them with a weekend dedicated to using their God-given talents for worshiping the Lord.

REELfest offers a platform for young music enthusiasts who are passionate about both music and Jesus, enabling them to enhance their musical abilities and develop as worshipers and leaders in worship. The event offers three distinct tracks to choose from: Choir, Orchestra, or Praise Band/Team. Students select one of these tracks and collaborate with their peers to prepare for a culminating student-led worship experience. Witnessing the students unite in preparing a worship session is truly remarkable, as it allows them to lead and grow in their musical skill sets. Additionally, the event includes times of worship and preaching that inspire and motivate students in their spiritual journey with the Lord. Leaders from various parts of the state join us, imparting their wisdom and investing in the next generation of worship musicians and leaders.

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Rhon Carter

Worship & Music Catalyst