Georgia Baptist Convention Position Paper on Ordination

This position paper on ordination was prepared to help our Georgia Baptist churches better understand the meaning and practice of ordination from a biblical, theological, historical, and cultural perspective.  The Administration Committee enlisted the assistance of several Georgia Baptist Convention pastors to study ordination as it relates to our Southern Baptist and Georgia Baptists churches and prepare a paper that would inform and educate our churches.  The paper was approved by the Administration Committee and the Executive Committee and was approved by the Georgia Baptist Convention at its 2020 annual meeting. 

It is hoped that this position paper will better educate Georgia Baptist churches on the purpose and practice of ordination and lead to a deeper understanding of its significance to the local church and the denomination.  To that end the paper will be made available on the Georgia Baptist Mission Board website for the benefit of Georgia Baptist Convention churches.

Find the full position paper here:

Published December 28, 2020