A Local Pastor’s Perspective: What is BCM to You?

Clint Culpepper is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Covington, Georgia. He is also the volunteer campus minister at Georgia State University’s Perimeter College Newton Campus.

Question: How has volunteering with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry impacted your church’s ministry?

Clint Culpepper

Our church’s ministry has been blessed by being able to partner with the collegiate ministry on Georgia State’s Newton campus. We have been able to go where the students are and connect with them. 

Most church members have a student or know of a student that is connected there. Our church hears the stories of what God is doing on campus and celebrates it. Our church members are in constant prayer for the ministry. They also support the ministry financially to provide students with food each week.

Q: Why would you recommend churches get connected with a BCM?

Churches usually seek out how to have collegiate ministries. That’s one area of ministry that can be difficult in some of our churches. BCM is a great place to meet students where they are right now! They are gathered on campus, and you can join them on their turf and journey with them. 

With your presence, relationships are built so that you can share Christ with them. BCM is a great way for churches to plug in students through the local communities. Also, church leaders can help students find a local church to join and grow in and with. They need us to walk with them! 

Q: What is your favorite part about being a part of the BCM on campus?

My favorite part of being a part of the campus ministry is connecting with students where they are now. I enjoy watching them hear God’s Word, respond to it and grow. Being present on campus gives them someone to talk to and even have as a  mentor. These relationships are lasting. When you see a former student in town, especially after they’ve graduated, you can tell that BCM is having or had an impact on their life. 

Published July 7, 2022