A new way of thinking about Halloween

By Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative

As a child growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, I was not only a participant in Halloween but an organizer of haunted houses in my church and in a Christian school. But, in the ’80s I was introduced to teaching on spiritual warfare* that opened my eyes to my ignorance about some of the things in which I had participated.

This Biblical teaching made me realize the direct correlation of demons and darkness and the avenues that Satan will use to infiltrate the life of a believer including things like movies, music, television shows and the celebration of Halloween.

From Where Does All This Evil Originate?

In the course of my work at the Capitol for the last 16 years, I have dealt with legislation that seeks to bring biblical morality back to a world that has been turned upside down. I deal with legislation on subjects such as spousal abuse, child abuse, sex trafficking, drugs, and alcohol to name a few.

When I look at these horrors and tragedies that are attacking our society, especially among women and children, I have to ask myself, where are these thought patterns coming from that lead a person to harm another individual? Why are we seeing evil continue to multiply before our very eyes?

Just recently, Jessie Waters on Fox News reported that a “satanic pedophile cult is gaining traction in New York.” Here is an article in the New York Post that talks about that on which he reported: An inside look at the ‘Satanic, neo-Nazi’ pedophile cult that ensnared NYC man arrested on gun charges.

When we consider that we live in a country founded on Biblical principles, one that has more churches than any other nation, and yet see the growing statistics of murders, suicides, rapes, child abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse, one might think we had been pagan from our founding’s outset.

Satan’s Back Door Might Be Our Front Door

Certainly, Satan is not just simply speaking in the minds of individuals and telling them to commit these heinous crimes. There must be an avenue through which he can subtly work his best tricks to bring people to a mental state that even they will have a hard time controlling.

So, I must then begin to look at what has changed in the last 50 years that has made our society in America far more evil than it has ever been before. And I begin to wonder if movies, television, and music have helped to so desensitize us to darkness, death and evil that we can be brought to celebrate those very same things.

How can we, as Christians, enjoy watching horror movies and shows without understanding that it will eventually affect our spiritual minds? Can we even consider that our children may be affected by these kinds of entertainment? Considering the mind’s ability to record a picture, an event, and spoken words – with some memories lasting a lifetime – isn’t it conceivable that viewing horror movies and participating in certain events are being mentally recorded? And, that those recordings can be brought back to our memories in a split second?

What about children who have witnessed horrifying events: the abuse or murder of a parent or sibling; the abuse that they endured at the hands of a demented parent, relative or friend. We should consider that maybe, just maybe, there is something we are doing in our lives that could aid in contributing to the demise of our own spiritual walk and the spiritual life of our families.

Halloween’s Essence & Impact

I do believe that Halloween is one of those celebrations that has desensitized us to the evil that is present in our society. While we may acknowledge the evil around us, we have to ask ourselves then why do we want to celebrate something that is inherently evil? Why would we knowingly encourage evil and mock evil and, in some cases, glorify evil?

There is no doubt that Halloween began as an evil celebration which can be found in its history. Its purpose was to glorify Satan and evil. Its appearance emphasizes evil. And, most concerning, it desensitizes us to the very presence of evil around us and in many cases makes it acceptable.

When I know that my child is in direct danger, it is in my very nature as a loving parent to do everything within my power to stop the danger, remove my child from the danger or confront this danger. Nothing will stop me from protecting my child, not even being confronted with my own death at the hands of the perpetrator.

So, how much more should I be concerned about what my child sees, hears, and participates in?

Satan’s Exceptional Deception

It was the great theologian C. S. Lewis who once stated, “Satan’s neatest trick was to convince men that he did not exist!” As Christians we must realize that Satan wants us to believe that certain things are okay and that he does not even exist. Why? It makes his job easier!

Satan is all about tricking us into believing lies so he can destroy our testimonies, our homes and most importantly, our children.

So, I conclude with this question:

Have you ever thought of Halloween this way? Could it be more serious and dangerous than you have ever considered before?

*I Pet. 5:8-10; II Cor. 2:11, 10:3-5 11:14; Jn. 10:10; Eph. 5:11; Eph. 6:10-20

Published October 10, 2023