Kids Don’t Like Casseroles

When a family suffers from some type of crisis – whether it be financial, spiritual, physical, or the loss of a loved one – the church understands the need to minister to the family as a whole.  But sometimes the children can get lost in the shuffle of meeting immediate needs. 

Search for the Needs of the Child

As Children’s Ministry Leaders, we should look for ways to focus on the needs of the child.  This may be trying to offer as much stability for the child as possible by helping the family keep up their normal routine by offering to care for the child in their home or by offering to transport them to school and other activities.  Another way is to spend time with the child so that they have the opportunity to verbalize their thoughts about what’s going on.  You may pick up on misconceptions that you can help clear up. If the need is financial, children’s leaders can discreetly offer to help with costs for camps and other activities. 

When a family has a new baby this may be considered a crisis by the older sibling so be sure to take a small gift for them and spend a little extra time with them when you visit as well.  Unless no visitors are requested, be sure to visit the hospital anytime a child is hospitalized.  You can take something they can play within the hospital bed and maybe play a game with them. 

Casseroles are Great, Brownies are Better

Ministry needs never happen at convenient times so we must always be ready to step in and help.  So look for ways to meet the needs of the entire family, but don’t overlook the children.  It may be something as simple as taking brownies or a meal to a family. But don’t take a casserole, ’cause kids don’t like casseroles. 

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Published October 29, 2018