Church Security Awareness Training

Imagine a crisis in your church that was caused by an issue that was out of your control. People will not come to a church that they feel is unsafe and certainly will not bring their children to a church in which they call in to question the security effectiveness. This free, video-based training is available online for Georgia Baptist churches. Topics covered include:

Active Shooter in places of worship, statistical data and case studies – Preparing yourself mentally to see actual case studies to back up the implementation of security in churches and how they affect your outreach and missions.

Situational Awareness – Mental representation and understanding of objects, events, people, system states, interactions, environmental conditions, and other situation-specific factors affecting human performance in complex and dynamic tasks.

Security Implementation – Addition of layers in a security plan that work together so a person intending to cause a crisis will go through multiple layers of security. This includes strategic locations for security team members throughout the church to provide the best coverage.

Georgia Gun laws in places of worship – How HB60 and OCGA 16-3-21 play a role in a church voting on the right to carry weapons in a church.

Security team selection – Be selective and vet the people who volunteer or are asked to take on the security responsibility within a church and leverage their skills to make the team more effective.

Equipment selection and placement – This includes camera and communications equipment and how to use them to be a critical and effective tool in your security plan.

Published December 7, 2022