covid-19 eternal impact

COVID-19 can bring the Next Great Awakening

It’s time for a reset.

The time we have spent apart due to the COVID-19 quarantine will have an eternal impact on churches as we move forward into the future. It has changed the Church from within, because individual people have changed. She will not reemerge the same.  It seems like such a long time ago, but think about the way your church was before COVID-19. Reflect on the activities and ministries that defined your church week to week. Were they effective? Were they purposeful? Did they reach people with the gospel? Or were they cumbersome, outdated, energy-depleting, and unsupported by the majority of your congregation?

Were you “busy” but not effective?

This is a great time for churches to reevaluate whether their activities and ministries are worth keeping. It is time to think about letting some things go that are keeping your people and resources tied up, but are really not effective in the kingdom of God.

 It’s time for a hard reset.

When your church reemerges after COVID-19, you will have a short window of opportunity to embrace some new things and let go of the old things that were not working. Take some time to pray and evaluate your church’s ministries and week to week activities.

This is a great opportunity to embrace the new, as COVID-19 has forced us into some “new” things we weren’t expecting!

The Church will go beyond her four walls more.

As the days of quarantine have put a stop to all church activities, we have had a chance to reevaluate what is important. Our health, family, and home have ranked highest in our attention. We have experience church without the four walls of a building. The church has ministered to people with an online presence. Neighbors have helped neighbors. People who have mostly concentrated on “going” to church are suddenly “being” the church.

After the church comes together again, your people will be different because they have seen how we can be the church beyond the four walls of the building. Keep this momentum going! Pray, plan, and seek how your church can continue to have an “outward” focus! How can your church be a continuous presence in your surrounding community? Your people will be ready to go beyond the church’s four walls more!

Plan a Re-Gathering service after COVID-19!

Your first church service after COVID-19 will likely be emotional for your church family. Be prepared for God to move within your service, as we experience tears of joy, repentance, and humbleness. We have taken for granted the fact that we are always able to worship together, but as we have seen, that is not always the case. We miss each other, the worship, the learning, and the friendships! The fellowship will be sweeter and more dear when we reconvene!

Pray, plan, and organize a Homecoming or Re-gathering service for your church when we are given permission to meet again. What a sweet time that will be! Have a meet and greet time, coffee fellowship, joint Sunday school classes, combined worship services, or even a potluck lunch after church. The ideas are endless. People will be ready to see each other! Provide that extra time for that fellowship to take place. A Re-gathering service will be a special time for yourself and your church.

A few months ago, we couldn’t have predicted the challenges the Church would be facing. It is not just a time for the Church to survive, but to thrive! The Church will reemerge again and will be stronger than before. Get ready!

Isaiah 43:18-19 states, ”Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!”

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Published April 16, 2020