Help your church prioritize evangelism

The Evangelism team exists to help churches prioritize evangelism. In Acts 19:10, Luke summarizes Paul’s ministry in Asia during his third missionary journey: “All who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus.” It is the Evangelism team’s desire for what happened in Paul’s day in Asia to become a reality in our day in Georgia — that all of Georgia would hear the word of the Lord Jesus via our partnerships in the gospel!  

While the Evangelism ministry has a number of resources available to pastors and church leaders, the greatest resource is our regional consultants, who you can connect with today. These consultants are both knowledgeable and effective practitioners who have been armed with a strategy to help pastors build a culture of evangelism in their church via a downloadable resource called The Domino Effect. 

Additionally, these consultants are available to help equip both you and your church in personal evangelism through trainings at either your church or local association. 

Coaching Networks

Ministry leaders can also join one of the regional coaching networks, which are designed for pas-tors to gather in clusters of four to six for year-long, caring relationships. The coaching networks are designed not only to inspire and encourage evangelism, but to offer insights and accountability in both doing the work of an evangelist and developing a culture of evangelism in our churches. 

No Sweat Evangelism

The Evangelism ministry also offers a number of print and media resources to keep pastors encouraged and equipped for evangelism. The newest resource is No Sweat Evangelism (, which is a simple tool to help teach individuals how to share their faith. No Sweat Evangelism training includes personal booklets, small-group lessons, Sunday School curricula, visitation and outreach instruction guides, and a seminar form for one-session workshops. The booklet and accompanying tract are available in the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s online store at

The follow-up piece to the original No Sweat Evangelism booklet is the No Sweat Next Steps workbook, a resource to help new believers think through how to spend time alone with the Lord. 

No Sweat Evangelism has also been rewritten for youth and students. A booklet and No Sweat Next Steps guide are available for this age group as well online.

The No Sweat Podcast is designed to help make sharing your faith simple (text “nosweat” to 678-324-3284 to opt-in for notifications when new podcasts are posted). 

This information can be found oline at Blogs, upcoming events and contact information also reside there, so ministry leaders can stay connected and up to date on the latest resources. This is where the team will announce dates for evangelism breakouts, conferences and rallies around the state.

Published April 8, 2021