Better Together: Join a Coaching Pod

We are better together.

This is a phrase you hear a lot around throughout the Georgia Baptist Convention. It’s a powerful message for churches and pastors that we can do much more together than we can separately. The GBMB evangelism team strives to help pastors come together to be more effective in doing evangelism themselves and leading their churches to do the same. How? Through the Evangelism Coaching Network.

What is the Coaching Network?

The Coaching Network allow pastors to gather regularly throughout the year with other pastors. During these gatherings (called Coaching Pods), the group discusses ways to implement evangelistic strategies in their churches – what works, what doesn’t, and new ideas. The goal is to allow pastors to form strong relationships, learn new practices, and be motivated to prioritize evangelism. An evangelism coaching network is being developed and currently there are over sixty teams meeting across the different regions of our state.

Why join a Coaching Pod?

I’ve heard pastors ask why they should join a network when they already attend other meetings and trainings. The answer to this question has to do with the overwhelming need we have for pastors and other Christians to share their faith effectively and regularly. We are in trouble.

Many times, Christians, not just pastors, expect a harvest of souls without the sowing of seed. Pastors are the key to teaching personal evangelism in their churches. Pastors must lead the way in personal evangelism and many times the pastor, because of a variety of circumstances, is not sharing his faith effectively and regularly. The best way to turn the tide in this area is pastors partnering together, growing in relationship with one another, with the purpose of helping each other be more effective in sharing their faith in an intentional way on a continuous basis.

How do the Coaching Pods operate?

The coaching pods are made up of four or five pastors who agree to meet at least eight times over the course of a year. Each team has a pastor who serves as the coach that facilitates the meeting. Each team follows the Coaches Playbook with every meeting broken up into four quarters.

  • The first quarter opens with a time of encouragement as pastors share how the Lord is working in their life and church.
  • The second quarter is a time of continuous improvement as pastors discuss an aspect of evangelism.
  • The third quarter is what is most impactful. As a group, each pastor answers a set of accountability questions dealing with their actions in evangelism. Accountability is not a word many like to hear, but it is critical if we are going to be effective in evangelism.
  • The final quarter gives opportunity for pastors to share their goals personally and for their church in evangelism.
  • The pastors then pray for one another and the ministry God has placed in their care.

“Better together” is a great saying, and it is especially true when we are encouraging one another in evangelism. The enemy will do whatever he can to keep pastors from sharing their faith, which hinders his ability to mobilize and empower his people. A coaching pod is a way for pastors to come together will the goal of growing together in this critical area of ministry.

There are coaching pods in your area. If you are interested in joining, or possibly leading one, please contact the evangelism consultant for your region, or the evangelism office at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

Published February 17, 2022