Joy & Sorrow: Singing is a Response

By Arthur Lin
Director of Worship
New City Church, Macon

Singing is a beautiful gift.

We sing joyously when something really good happens in our lives like when we get a promotion or over the birth of a child. We sing with sorrow over the bad things like breakups and the loss of a loved one. This gift helps us express our emotions and serves as an outlet for many. Most of all, singing is a response. 

A Response.

What comes to mind when you think of Sunday morning services? Hearing a pastor preach, “Sunday morning best,” cute kids playing and listening to the lesson for the day. And what else? SINGING! 

We get to use this beautiful response on Sunday mornings! But what are we responding to? Each Sunday morning we at New City Church walk through the gospel story through song. 

  • – We’re reminded of God being our good and gracious Lord and Creator. 
  • – We respond with praise and adoration through song. 
  • – We’re reminded of pain and brokenness in our world and in us. 
  • – We respond with confession and lament through song. 
  • – We’re reminded of Jesus who has come to save us through His life, death, and resurrection.
  • – We respond with celebration and thankfulness through song.
  • – We’re reminded that the Holy Spirit dwells in those who believe, making us more like Jesus. 
  • – We respond with joy and great anticipation at Jesus’ return through song. 

Do you see the pattern? 

Our singing is our response to the glorious truths of the gospel. As we gather we’re reminded of what our gracious God has done to redeem and save His people through the person and work of Jesus Christ. This is good news right? This is worth celebrating right? This is worth singing at the top of your lungs right?!

Singing on Sunday mornings should not be this drab affair where we begrudgingly lift our monotone voices with feelings of obligation. Rather, it should be a loud and passion-filled response to the gospel. As you gather this Sunday morning, be reminded of what our God has done for us and respond joyfully with song!

Published April 18, 2022