Keeping Your Ministry to Senior Adults Out of a Rut

Growing up my driveway was a quarter of a mile long. It took a lot of work to maintain the road that led to our farmhouse. Something that was ever present on that road was the ruts that were worn into the road. They were formed by the continuous back and forth people coming and going from our family farm. We have heard people say to “not get stuck in a rut”. From personal experience, I can say that I have been stuck. I have been stuck in my driveway and I have been stuck in ministry rut as well. Ministries to senior adults tend to get stuck in a rut as well.

Here are some things to consider to stay out of the ruts:

  • Ruts are formed over time doing the same things the same way. So do ministries.
  • Ruts are formed when the weather is bad. When churches struggle ministries play it safe and do things the same way.
  • Ruts will eventually cause our ministries to get stuck. As the culture and way of doing ministry must change we must change to move forward.
  • Ruts will return if we choose to return to the same old way of doing ministry. We must choose to do ministry differently.
  • Ruts are reduced by going a different way but still moving in the same direction as the mission and ministry of the church.
  • Ruts are best corrected when the weather is good. Good church health helps us stay out of the ruts.

Here at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, we want to help your ministry to older adults stay out of the rut. Ministry to those 55 and older must change because those who are now in the age bracket are different. Our website contains ideas for your ministry and opportunities to help you grow as a leader of senior adults. 

Published December 10, 2018