Keeping your Leadership Team Trained and Together

Staying connected with the leaders of your small groups or Sunday School is vital to their overall growth. In some ways your leadership team is much like the groups themselves. You have a regular leadership meeting. Some are always in attendance, others not so much, and still others may never attend. Like leading a group we need to have a strategy to stay connected and lead all of those God has placed on our team. Here are some suggestions for keeping your leadership team informed and together for reaching and discipling those in our care. Here are some suggestions.

  • Keep up with who is at leadership meetings and who is not.
  • Record your regular training (audio or video) and make it available to those who miss a meeting.
  • For those who never attend make a connection with them monthly is whatever form they prefer (text, call, email, etc.).
  • Provide a weekly or monthly blog or article that leaders can receive via email, text or a website. Include any current emphases, tips for being a better leader, links to websites that might be helpful to them as a leader. Ie. or
  • Greeting cards for appropriate occasions are great.
  • Seeing them at church is important. Ask them how their group is going. Provide for the appropriate needs and thank them for their faithfulness in serving.
  • Do an annual “thank you” event to share appreciation and celebration of what God is doing.

Published November 5, 2018