Next Gen strives to reach kids, teens with gospel

A fairly well-known Barna survey taken a few years ago reminds us that 76 percent of Christians accept Christ before the age of 21. It serves as a great reminder that ministry to the “Next Generation” is of the utmost importance. The Next Gen team of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board wants to help. This team exists to strengthen churches in Georgia in their efforts of reaching kids and teenagers with the gospel. The team is accomplishing this in many different ways.

For kids ministry, it happens through events like VBS trainings, the Kids Ministry Summit or kids ministry roundtables that take place around the state. There is also a Georgia Baptist Kids Facebook group where you can find a great network of other Georgia kids ministry volunteers and children’s pastors. 

For student ministry, it happens through opportunities like the student pastor training weekend called Conclave, the student camps Super Wow and Impact, or a weekend student conference like Move. It also happens through network meetings throughout Georgia.

There is also a great Facebook group of student ministry volunteers and student pastors that serve throughout Georgia. You can find it by searching for the Georgia Student Ministry Network group. 

Perhaps the biggest way the Next Gen ministry wants to help Georgia is to make the team available to you to encourage, equip and strengthen your ministry to kids and teenagers. That could happen in person, over a phone call or simply through an email. 

The team would love to connect with you and help you with any needs you may have related to reaching the next generation. Find all contact information on the website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Published April 5, 2021