One Simple Tool for Attracting More Guests This Easter

By Steve Foster

When I started my last pastorate, we welcomed a Worship Pastor whose insight changed our church’s trajectory. Here’s the lesson on church growth that made all the difference.

The Quick-and-Easy Strategy That Sparked Growth

In a previous role, our Worship Pastor was part of a church that saw remarkable growth. Curious, I asked for their secret. “Invite Cards,” he said.

The pastor at that church learned that unchurched people often just wait for an invitation. They focused on creating a culture of invitation, and the number of weekly visitors soared.

We adopted this strategy, and soon, our guest numbers—and our congregation—grew significantly.

Creating a Culture of Invitation

Encouraging your members to personally invite others is incredibly effective, especially around Easter. Here’s how you can implement this in your church:

  1. Secure Buy-In: Start with your staff and leaders. Once they’re on board, introduce the concept of Easter invite cards to your congregation.
  2. Empower Small Groups: Have leaders distribute cards and challenge group members to invite their networks.
  3. Teach the Impact: Consider delivering a sermon about the power of personal invites, citing biblical examples like Andrew inviting Peter.
  4. Prepare for Guests:
    • Train or increase the number of greeters.
    • Set up a Hospitality Team to enhance first impressions.
    • Establish a well-placed Connection Center.
    • Develop a follow-up process for first-time guests, which could include various forms of communication.
  5. Leverage Social Media: Encourage members to share Easter service invitations online, providing them with shareable images.

Take Action

This Easter, maximize attendance by harnessing the personal touch. When your members extend an invitation, they’re not just offering a card; they’re opening a door to community and faith.

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Published January 22, 2024