Live Training: 2024 Public Affairs & Advocacy

Join us for our 2024 Public Affairs Training Event:

“Living for Christ in the Public Square”

Prepare to transform your engagement with the cultural and political landscape around us. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference by attending our powerfully practical 2024 Public Affairs Training Event:

“Living for Christ in the Public Square.”

Are you passionate about integrating your faith with public affairs?

Do you feel the calling to ensure the Gospel’s life-changing power resonates through our local, state, and national governments?

This event is specially designed for pastors, ministry leaders, and church members like you, who are ready to step forward and make a significant impact.

Dive deep into critical ethical issues facing our culture today which will affect every Georgia community… even yours.

Understand the crucial role your witness plays in shaping the policies that govern us. Our expert-led sessions will empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively engage in the policy-making process.

Discover why leaders at all levels need your influence and support more than ever before.

Imagine the difference you can make, equipped with insights from leading voices in public affairs, including Mike Griffin, Brad Hughes, Harrison Smith, Kevin Cooke, and Josh McKoon.

Learn to safeguard your church from attacks on religious liberty, navigate the legislative process, and drive meaningful change in our communities.

Plus, the entire event – including meals – is FREE!

Don’t miss this transformative experience.

Topics and speakers include:

✅ Is There Not a Cause: Current Issues & Why Change Is Possible – Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative of Georgia Baptist Mission Board

A Blueprint For Meaningful Engagement as a Church– Brad Hughes, Office of Governor Brian Kemp, Public Affairs Committee Chairman

How To Protect Your Church From The Rising Attacks on Religious Liberty – Harrison Smith, Alliance Defending Freedom, Regional Director

Understanding the Legislative Process and A Legislator’s Perspective – former State Representative, Kevin Cooke, and former State Senator, Josh McKoon

✅  Legislative Update on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)- Ed Setzler, State Senator, Author of the Heartbeat Law

Attend the location convenient to you.


Secure your spot today.

Be part of a movement that bridges faith with the public square, for a future where the Gospel’s principles guide our community and nation.

This is more than just a training event; it’s a call to action for all who dream of a brighter, Gospel-influenced tomorrow.

Published April 4, 2024