Take your next step in evangelism

Churches have a desire to saturate their community with the gospel. The Evangelism team at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board is here to help! We exist to help church leaders take their next step to building a culture of evangelism in their church. We work with churches on both the design and implementation of the most effective strategies and tools so their desire can become a reality. 

We offer consultations for churches’ evangelistic enhancement. Getting started is simple – contact the evangelism consultant in your region. No worries if you don’t know who your regional evangelism consultant is. Just visit gabaptist.org/evangelism.

One of the evangelism consultants came to my office and explained the training and materials for No Sweat Evangelism. I was impressed by the quality and ease of the website, materials and message. We followed up by doing a full training for my church. I’m thankful for the heart and focus it has brought my church family!

– Matt Bartlett, Pastor, Lexington Baptist Church

Once you connect with your evangelism consultant, he will help you do several things. First, he helps you evaluate where your church is evangelistically and identify the areas where you can be more effective. Secondly, he helps you create a holistic and contextual evangelism strategy for your church. Lastly, he provides you with ongoing support so you can thrive as you implement the strategy.

As a second means for churches’ evangelistic improvement, we offer coaching networks.  Coaching networks are made up of three to five pastors who meet eight times over the course of a year in a small group, led by a fellow pastor who serves as the coach. At the end of the year, the groups replicate. Pastors either become a coach of a new group of peers or return to their churches to replicate the process with their leaders and staff. Pastor Paul Cowles, Friendship Baptist Church in Warner Robins, said, “The learning, encouragement and accountability that occurred in the Coaching Network was transformational to my ministry as a pastor.”

As you can see, you don’t have to go it alone. We are here to offer both our evangelistic experience and expertise to help your church become even more effective in evangelism. 

Let’s get started today!

Published April 18, 2022