What can God do with a bunch of gospel-trained believers?

Seventeen-year-old Logan Glover is a junior at Jones County High School in Gray, Georgia.

He’s also a member of Greenwood Baptist Church where Kim Washburn is pastor. I had lunch with Pastor Kim a couple of weeks ago and he told me about this young man who had a heart for reaching the lost and was having a Kingdom Impact during COVID-19. Who wouldn’t want to talk to a young man like this? I decided I had to talk to Logan and hear about what the Lord was leading him to do.

Greenwood Baptist had gotten cases of the Life Book, a resource from the Gideons that shares the gospel message. Logan became familiar with the books and as he sat home during the pandemic, the Lord moved on his heart to take on the mission of going door to door in neighborhoods giving out Life Books and small Bibles and attempting to share the gospel with those who were interested. Logan said, “The Lord told me to get up and go.” So, Logan recruited his friend, Jack Miller; they filled their backpacks, and off they went.

Logan and Jack visited 200-300 homes in just a matter of weeks.

As they visited each house, they asked whoever answered the door if they could pray for them. If they said yes, they would also ask, “Do you mind talking about who Jesus is to you?” They were able to pray with many people and talk to about half of the people about what difference Jesus makes in our lives. Logan told me that even if they were not interested in talking about the gospel, he would pray the gospel into his prayers. What was really cool is that Logan shared the gospel through Bible verses that his youth pastor had taught him. They left a Life Book and Bible at each house.

Where did this passion to share his faith come from?

Logan was saved as a child and he remembers from an early age having a heart to share. When he was in the fourth grade, he heard Matthew 4:19, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” He said that verse stuck with him and really impacted his understanding of his calling as a Christian. As he got older, family situations and choices he was making caused him to begin to slip away from the Lord. He wandered away from church and from reading the Word and found himself struggling to even believe in God. Just in the last year, he had a powerful encounter with the Lord, and the Holy Spirit worked in his heart to draw him back. He has been growing ever since. He has grown and his passion to share Christ with others has returned.

Logan has a heart for ministry and a desire to go into broken communities, build them up, and share the gospel with the people of the community. He has a heart to minister to the physical as well as the spiritual needs of those in these hurting communities. Logan asked a question as we finished talking.

He asked, “What could God do with a bunch of gospel-trained, motivated believers committed to sharing their faith with others?”

Would any of you be willing to be a part of that kind of movement?

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Published July 12, 2021