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What your pastor needs from you, your church

Joshua and the people of Israel needed Moses’ arms in the air to be victorious over Amalek and his people, but Moses needed help from Aaron and Hur to keep his arms up. For the Israelites to be victorious, God’s people needed to work together and be supportive of their leader.

What was true for the nation of Israel is equally true for the body of Christ today. In a recent conversation with a friend, I was reminded of the value of having people in our lives who are supporting us and praying for us. Pastors and their families are no different. Just as Moses needed the support of Aaron and Hur in his life, your pastor and his family need the support of modern-day Aarons and Hurs in their lives. Let’s consider four ways you can “raise the hands” of your pastor as he serves your church.

Pray for your pastor

Jeremiah 3:15 says, “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Your pastor and his family are a gift from God. Prayer is an activity that every member of the church can participate in daily. Pray specifically for his family, his wisdom, his daily walk with God, his strength, his health and his fight against discouragement.

Avoid heavy conversation before the worship service

Prior to entering the pulpit, your pastor does not want to avoid you, but he does need to stay focused on the task of delivering God’s Word. Therefore, he does not need to get weighed down in a deep or controversial conversation. Your information/situation is important to him, so save important conversations that will require his full attention for a time when he can focus on you and the issue. 

What would be helpful? A pleasant greeting followed by, “I would like to speak with you about ‘XYZ.’ I will contact you this week to set up a time to talk.”

Talk to him, not about him

Heed the teaching of Matthew 18 as it exhorts us to first address a person one on one. If you have an issue with your pastor, talk to him — not about him to others. Your pastor and his family carry a heavy load, and gossip about them only increases the burdens they carry. God has entrusted the spiritual well-being of your congregation to your pastor. And, at some point, you voted overwhelmingly to bestow that trust on him. 

Stay current on IRS laws regarding compensation

Per O.S. Hawkins of Guidestone Financial Resources, “Many churches could give their pastor a raise, and it would not cost the church an extra dime.” What a fantastic way to bless your pastor! As you bless him, God will bless your church. 

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Published April 7, 2022