pastor wellness


Pastors have the most important job in the state. The balancing act is demanding and never stops. We will support pastors in these areas of health: Spiritual, Vocational, Relational, Physical and Financial.

Our Staff

Tim Dowdy
Tim Dowdy
Lead Strategist

Mary Cox
Mary Cox
Pastors Wives

Marty Youngblood
Southeast Region

There will be a catalyst dedicated to working with our pastors in every region. Our remaining regional catalysts for Pastor Wellness have not yet been announced.


Bi-Vocational Ministry

Over 1,200 pastors in our Georgia Baptist churches also work a second job. The Georgia Baptist Mission Board has created a new ministry aimed at supporting these ministers. We look forward to serving, assisting, and providing the necessary resources needed in this great kingdom work.

Harris Malcom
Harris Malcom
Northern Regions

Charles Drummond
Charles Drummond
Central Regions

Mike Everson
Mike Everson
Southern Regions

Conferences & Events

Ministers’ Wellness Retreat – Complete health screening and dental care by physicians and healthcare professionals for pastors and their spouses without health insurance.

Pastors’ Banquets – The mission board partners with local associations to host catered suppers designed to bless and encourage pastors and their spouses. Each banquet has a specialized theme aimed at encouraging and resourcing the pastor and his wife.

Bi-Vocational Pastors Retreat – This retreat is designed specifically for Bi-Vocational Pastors and pastors’ wives. Each participant will receive personalized coaching by some of the finest pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention. We can cover the pulpits for all the pastors in attendance.

Ministers’ Wives Retreat – This retreat is designed to provide ministers’ wives a weekend for spiritual renewal, physical rest, emotional restoration, and encouragement.

Personal Retreats for Pastors

Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa – Pastors and their spouses can contact 706-886-3133 to reserve up to two nights at the conference center. Immediate family is also welcome, depending on availability. Website:

Pinnacle Retreat Center – Pinnacle Retreat Center, located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Rabun County, provides a one-bedroom furnished apartment for a pastor and spouse for $27 per night. Immediate family members may also be included depending on availability of additional rooms.

Stillwater Pastor Retreat – A ministry of Grasp International, Inc., this retreat provides cabins for groups of pastors or their families. It is a place for pastors to be alone, find rest, and seek God’s will.


Shepherd’s Fund – A retired pastor and their spouse can qualify for a one time grant up to $10,000 each or $20,000 total. They may reapply in subsequent years, especially if they have a chronic ongoing medical condition.

GuideStone – As part of a Georgia Baptist church, pastors receive many benefits from the mission board and GuideStone. These benefits are provided to offer peace of mind, protections, and assistance for when times get tough. The benefits include disability benefits, survivor protection, retirement benefit eligibility, tax advice, financial planning, and much more.

Roy Hinchey Fund

This fund provides a one-time gift of up to $1,000 to terminated pastors.

Estate Planning

One of the ministry areas of the Georgia Baptist Foundation is to help pastors complete their basic estate planning documents at no cost. These documents provide critical protection for his family during their time of loss. Pastors can find more information contact the Foundation for assistance.
Phone: 770-452-8338

Counseling Ministries

We provide free counseling services by licensed Christians counselors for pastors, their spouses, and dependent children. Contact Marcus Merritt for more information.

J. Edgar Vance Scholarship Program

The Georgia Baptist Mission Board is initiating a $1 million program for children of Georgia Baptist pastors to receive scholarships to one of the three Georgia Baptist colleges. This scholarship launches in 2020 and concludes in 2027. Students should check with their financial aid offices to apply.

Scholarships for Pastors

Georgia Baptist Foundation Seminary Scholarship – full-time, graduate students at one of the six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries can apply to receive this scholarship. The student must be a member of a Georgia Baptist church. Students should check with their financial aid office for more information.

Cross the Finish Line – This scholarship is for Georgia Baptist pastors who are one academic year away from completing their Master of Divinity degree at one of the six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries. This scholarship launches in 2020. Students should check with their financial aid offices to apply. Information will also be available on