Response to Hurricane Idalia

Visit this page often for updates on Hurricane Idalia and the Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief response.

Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief is currently staging for deployment.

8/30/2023  4:18 pm EST

Hurricane Idalia made landfall overnight and quickly moved through Florida and into south Georgia. As expected, the category 3 storm has significantly impacted the communities with flooding and damage from winds in excess of 100 mph. Power outages are widespread.

GBDR Mass Feeding & Recovery Sites are being prepared. Feeding units, incident management team, showers, chainsaw units, assessors, chaplains, and volunteer feeding teams are all scheduled for activation.

We're thankful for Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief's partnership to respond.

Sites include:

  • Northside Baptist Valdosta
  • FBC Blackshear

Two additional sites will likely be needed; however, sites are to be determined once the storm passes.

8/29/2023  9:21 am EST

Latest forecasts anticipate Hurricane Idalia will strengthen rapidly over the next few hours developing into a dangerous hurricane before making landfall near the big bend of the Florida coast. Idalia is expected to still be a hurricane with winds of at least 74 MPH when it crosses into south Georgia on Wednesday afternoon. Damaging winds, widespread flooding, and electrical outages are expected.

Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief teams have been upgraded from "ON ALERT" to "STANDBY" status meaning there is a likelihood of deployment.

8/28/2023  4:12 pm EST

We are currently tracking the path of potential Hurricane Idalia. The storm is expected to strengthen as it approaches landfall along Florida's Gulf Coast on Wednesday.

The impact on Georgia will be determined by its trajectory. Southern parts of the state are expected to see 4-8 inches of rainfall. This will result in significant flooding. Tree damage and power outages are also expected.


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